Prunes in the News

Prunes in the News

Just wanted to take some time to highlight the humble greatness of prunes.  Not only are they recommended as a natural and gentle remedy for occasional constipation, but they have other health benefits, and are officially yummy.

Some prune coverage:

This video from the World Economic Forum explains how prunes can prevent “bone-destroying osteoporosis in women.”  It’s based on a study by Advances in Nutrition and Penn State University which determined that prunes can help slow down the process of “bone turnover” through which the body breaks down the bone cells too fast.  Prunes are rich in “minerals, vitamin K, phenolic compounds and dietary fiber which help dampen inflammation and oxidative stress.”  Scientists found that eating 10 prunes every day for a year reduced bone turnover and improved arm and spine bone density.  I think that gets a WOW.

[If you are wondering, a bag of Prunies® original contains the equivalent of five prunes, so you can mix it up with prunes for variety!]

In New York Times article In Praise of the Prune, the author Tejal Rao discusses the sometimes “punch line” references to prunes in the USA and the history of establishing the dried plums industry in California (clippings from France).  The conclusion includes a recipe link for a delicious looking Frangipane-Prune Tart

Genevieve Fullan, the author of this Eater article agrees – prunes are delicious and nutritious!

Obviously, you already are a fan of the prune since you are here.  Congratulations on being ahead of the prune curve!