Travel Happy

Travel Happy

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Travel Goods Association’s annual show (shout out!).  I got a chance to preview and learn about some awesome new travel gadgets and accessories.  As you can guess, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make travel more comfortable, convenient and fun.  Here were some of my favorites:

Yogo Foldable Travel Yoga Mat – I have had a thin yoga mat for a while and it has transformed how I stay active on both business and leisure trips.  What sets this mat apart?  Simple yet innovative self-contained straps that neatly secure the mat into a bundle, as well as allow you to wash the mat right in the shower.  Easy peasy!  Founder Jessica is socially responsible – for every item purchased, the company donates a food-bearing tree plus five years of agroforestry training to a low-income family in Africa.

Serenity Organizers – I’m on a plane right now and can’t believe how small and unsanitary the little mesh seat pocket is.  Trying to have your water bottle accessible during a flight?  Good luck!  Hoping that the flight crew had a chance to clean up all the seat pockets before you boarded?  Hmmmmm.   That’s where Serenity’s tray organizer comes in.  This in-flight accessory is made of very thin and light material, so will easily fit in your carry on.  You stretch it over your tray table and voila!  Loads of secured and accessible storage for your flight.  Prefer to use the space by your feet?  Serenity Organizers has got you covered with a Seat Organizer.


Cocoon – I searched for a loooong time to find a comfortable travel neck pillow that didn’t take up a ton of room – nearly impossible!  Cocoon’s ultra light inflatable pillow is what I was looking for – it packs up tight in a little sack.  The fabric is super soft and you can inflate it to the firmness of the moment.  I think I found my original one in REI and I had no idea they actually have a bunch of other nifty travel items.

Matador Equipment– two years ago my fiancé gifted me Matador’s pocket blanket, and I have not gone on a trip without it since!  I learned at the show from Founder Chris,  that this was their first product.  Since their pocket blanket launch, they have released a number of great travel items which, you probably had no idea you needed, but you DO need:  ear plugs in a key ring holder, refillable toothpaste tubes (what?! And yes!), a carabiner style travel lock.  Many of their items meet Bluesign® criteria which is something I just learned about.  Beautifully designed and universally appealing – girlfriend/boyfriend/friend approved!

BTW I am not affiliated with any of products here and clicking on links will get me bubpkis (sp?) – just some recommendations to check out fellow startups that I think are worth a look.  Enjoy!