Get ahead of travel constipation this holiday season

Get ahead of travel constipation this holiday season

Are you part of the 40% of us that experience constipation and general irregularity while they are away from home? (“Why It’s Hard to Poop on Vacation” The Atlantic, December 28, 2015).  Travel-related digestive issues are real and normal.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it!

Prunies® natural fruit snack gummies were designed for you – someone on the go, that is looking for a gentle alternative to harsh or ineffective laxatives.  Prunies® leverages the natural superpower of prunes to gently support digestive heath [Side note – it’s not only the fiber of prunes that are the key to unlocking this superpower – stay tuned on our blog for more information on why prunes are so amazing].  One serving of Prunies® original has the equivalent of one serving of prunes (usually 4-5 prunes).

I am not a doctor, and this is not medical advice; however, travel constipation is something I have struggled with myself for years and wish I had addressed earlier in life.  Here are some best practices to relieve constipation and stay on track when you hit the road:

  • Sitting in a car or airplane for long stretches often jams things up – make sure you are walking and moving whenever possible
  • Consider supplements or other changes to your diet that typically coincide with your travel; According to the National Institutes of Health, there are a number of medications and dietary supplement that can cause constipation. You may be unwittingly compounding the issue.
  • Drink water – proper hydration is key, always; eat fresh fruits and vegetables –but be sure to balance fiber with enough water though (check out this article from the Cleveland Clinic)
  • Warm up – swap out cold water for warm, warm up your tummy with a heating pad or hot water bottle or get your sweat on – a good run or workout session can kickstart things in your digestive system
  • Give yourself some time and privacy – this one can be tricky, especially during the holidays, but can you give yourself an hour in the morning, maybe with a newspaper and coffee (another great natural laxative)? Taking the pressure out of timing can help.
  • On the flip side of privacy, accept the fact that you may need to use a public restroom to do your business– trying to time it so you can avoid doing so often makes the situation worse. Tbh – there is a certain freedom that comes with using a busy multi stall public bathroom.  Don’t forget, everyone poops!
  • Plan ahead - recently, I’ve tested eating a serving of Prunies® the day before leaving for a trip and this has really set me up for success in terms of avoiding constipation right off the bat.

I’ll just say it - there are a lot of reasons to be constipated in 2021.  When you add in travel and changes to your routine, your body can react in ways you would like to avoid.  Be kind to yourself this travel season and know that you are not alone – it’s a thing!  And Prunies® are just the thing for it.