Prunies® is Bringing Sexy Back to Prunes

Prunies® is Bringing Sexy Back to Prunes

Prunes?!  Yes, prunes.

Personally, I am a fan of the prune, but I have heard some objections:

“The flavor is too intense” – Prunies® mellows out the prune flavor with the light flavor of apple

“Ugh so sticky and now I need to wash my hands” – Prunies® uses a light dusting of cornstarch to eliminate sticky fingers

“The texture…I can’t…” – Well then, do you like…gummies??!!  Prunies® transforms the texture of prunes into a gummy-like fruit snack; kids can enjoy like candy

“I know prunes can help me when I’m traveling or on the go, but I don’t want to drag around a giant bag of prunes everywhere” – Prunies® comes in discrete, convenient and compostable packaging

See now?!  No reason to shy away from the awesome natural digestive benefits of prunes!  Why not give Prunies® or Prunies® Jr.  a try?  It might change your life!